The creation of images has been a pursuit for Alon Shastel since boyhood. At the age of 10, he began using analog

cameras and developing the images in a darkroom constructed in the back of an old bus. Using film, he feels he can

establish a closer connection to nostalgic visions that relate to memories of his early years.

In his work, Shastel often documents youth in natural landscapes, reviving his childhood memories in

Israel. Throughout his photographs, youth remains an overarching theme, which he captures with rawness and


Largely cast from the street, his subjects appear in their natural state, without makeup and direct in their

expressions. But Alon Shastel’s work goes beyond a superficial representation of young people reconciling their

beauty and awkwardness. He finds a deeper resonance of the individual — hidden qualities that can be at once

intimate and unguarded.

Alon Shastel,  born 1991 Tel Aviv, is a photographer based between Paris and Tel Aviv.


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